Green Lantern – Invasion review

The Red Lantern story-arc continues when Hal and his group take on the Red Lanterns for control of the space Lighthouse that opens and closes the barrier between Guardian space and Red Lantern space. Unfortunately, both sides made it through as Atrocitus uses the liberator bombs to open up the asteroid barrier that would allow his Red Lantern armada to pass through. This episode belongs to Aya as we see what she’s truly made of when she uses the Lighthouse to open up the barrier and turn the tables on the Red Lanterns, but she’s been used against her will to fire on Hal and the others. The other storyline in this episode is Saint Walker climbing the mountains to get hope and he does so in the form of the Blue Lantern Battery that will turn him into the first Blue Lantern. We find out that his world was destroyed by the Red Lanterns so he has a reason to deal with them, even if it’s at odds with Green Lantern Mogo. I believe Saint Walker will debut as a Blue Lantern in the next episode. A good episode that leads to the mid-season finale.


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