Thundercats – Forever Bag review

After the last few episodes that focused on Lion-O, Pumyra, and the Sword of Plundarr, we get back to the other storyline that occurred back in The Pit involving Wilykit, Wilykat, Snarf, and the raccoon thief, Tookit, as they tried to get back their stuff from him. This likely takes place during Curse of Ratilla and Birth of the Blades. The reason the episode is titled Forever Bag because that small bag has a pocket dimension that stores all of the things that Tookit stole. The twins were on the verge of returning to be thieves again, they meet up with the other orphans to turn the tables on Tookit that would allow the dog police to capture him. We have not seen the last of Tookit and I believe the twins have the Forever Bag that may come into play in the next episode or two. Great episode for the twins as this is the second time Lion-O is not in it nor the rest of the Thundercats.


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