Appleseed Ex Machina review

Appleseed Ex Machina is the sequel to the original 2004 Appleseed movie that uses the same techniques of CGI and traditional cel as the first one, but this one is more amped than ever. John Woo produced this film and it’s distributed by Warner Home Video. Upon viewing the film, it’s rich in detail and emotion while the action sequences have its bar raised a lot higher than the first film. The story has Deunan Knute and her cyborg boyfriend, Briareos, dealing with a terrorist threat that’s aiming all of Olympus with the Humans, Bioroids, and Cyborgs. With all this going on, Deunan is involved in a love triangle with Briareos and a new character named Tereus, who is the clone of Briareos as he was before became a cyborg. Tereus has no negative emotions and can’t be provoked into rash actions, but he has memories of his time with Deunan and has the same birthmark that Briareos had. Just as Deunan was the central character of the first film, I feel this film belonged to Briareos. I enjoyed this film more so than the first film. The DVD that I bought was a 2-Disc Special Edition as it’s special features include the making of the film, the involvement of John Woo, the history of Appleseed, and how Japan’s manga/ anime stuff influenced the US and vice-versa. It’s a great DVD to own and collect with the first Appleseed film if you’re an Appleseed fan.


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