Thundercats – The Soul Sever review

With so much emphasis on Lion-O and Pumyra on the last several episodes, except for Forever Bag, it was about time we focus on other people such as Lion-O, Tygra, and Panthro. Briefly we see the entire Thundercats together as well as the return of Dorma whom we haven’t seen since the pilot episode. There was little development at best as the Thundercats learn that there is something in the sky while the Soul Sever robot has his robot drones steal the Book of Omens to bring his family back by trying to put their souls into robot bodies. Tygra ended up having his soul transferred inside a customized mech and ended up saving the day stopping the Soul Sever from doing further damage. Dorma’s robotic flying bug was the one that shined the most after sacrificing himself for the Book of Omens. This was not a good penultimate episode as they should have used this to have all the Thundercats together. It was an okay episode at best.


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