Voltron Force Tournament of Lions review

I was lucky to get this on my local Barnes and Nobles bookstore before it’s release date of June 5. This is the second volume in a series of graphic novels based on the Voltron Force series and like the first volume, this takes place within the first season. Upon reading it, we see Voltron and Awesometron working together and that’s something we never saw onscreen, which was a shame. I’m glad that the writer and artist decided to address this. I don’t know why the animated series writers didn’t think of it. This likely takes place before I, Voltron where Awesometron was destroyed and before Daniel had his Haggarium infection. The story has the three cadets taking on other alien races for the right to pilot Voltron in a tournament filled with deathtraps. Out of the cadets, both Vince and Larmina are the ones who shined in this volume much like Daniel did in the first volume. While the writer for this second volume is the same, they used a different artist for this one. Lots of great character moments and relationships, but just like the first volume there is a divide between the Voltron Force and the cadets. A great to read as I recommend this to all Voltron fans.


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