Thundercats – What Lies Above Part 1 review

The first part of the season finale has the Thundercats creating a new vehicle that flies and that’s where Panthro becomes afraid of heights, along with not being able to swim. Tygra has shined in this episode with his natural piloting and beating the head Vultureman for the right to claim the Tech Stone, but of course the head Vultureman wasn’t going to keep his end of the bargain. Like his ancestor Tygus, he can fly with ease. I can see Tygra piloting flying Thundercat ships while Panthro controls the Thundertank on the ground. Pumyra is the other character that shined because she makes things happen forcefully where she gets the head Vultureman to access the chamber where the Tech Stone is held. The relationship between Lion-O and Pumyra seems on and off and some people think that Pumyra is manipulating Lion-O and that she could be an agent for Mumm-Ra. However I could see their relationship falling apart where she pushes Lion-O aside and tries to get the Tech Stone, but gets blasted for it. The only thing that I like most in this episode was seeing the entire Thundercats together and yes, Wilykit and Wilykat have the Forever Bag from Tookit. Good first part for Tygra and Pumyra, two of the favorites from the writers.


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