Thundercats – What Lies Above Part 2 review

Thundercats have completed its first season with its season finale that’s the second part of What Lies Above. They have experienced a couple of betrayals – Voltaire, whom we see from the start has never liked them and has betrayed Tygra during the aerial fight. The other betrayal is Pumyra. Many people, including myself, have seen this coming as there were clues in the last several episodes from the moment she met Lion-O back in the Pit, losing the Sword of Plundarr to Mumm-Ra back in Birth of the Blades, and willing to sacrifice Bird City to take the Tech Stone. She was extreme in one way where she was kind to Lion-O and extreme in another where was angry and temperamental. The backstory tying to the Fall of Thundera showed that she was dead and was resurrected through Mumm-Ra’s magic filled with hatred and revenge against Lion-O. Poor Lion-O, he’s just not great in the love department as he’s paying the price to be king. Basically if Pumyra was dead, then it’s likely that so are Lynx-O and Bengali if they introduce him. There was something about Pumyra that most viewers had mixed feelings for. Pumyra got owned by her former dog owner, Dobo, and a couple of Berbils.

Meanwhile Lion-O battles Mumm-Ra in a swordfight between the Sword of Omens and Sword of Plundarr. Wilykit and Wilykat have gained the other animal races to help them against Mumm-Ra. I thought for a moment that no one was going to help them. Lion-O may not have gotten the Tech Stone, but he got the other animal races to unite under his leadership just like they did under his ancestor, Leo. Too bad Cheetara didn’t cheer him up when she should have, but Wilykit ended up doing that. We’re getting an idea of what a second season will be about – the search for the fourth stone that will likely give Lion-O the Armor of Omens and the Thundercats working with other animal races. I wonder if the Bird City will be rebuilt as Cat’s Lair or will be used to rebuild Thundera. This was a good season finale that doesn’t feel like a series finale. Later, I will be doing a review on the first season.


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