Thundercats Tygra 4-Inch Action Figure review

I know this is late, but I bought a 4-inch Thundercats Tygra action from Toys R Us at $6. It’s a good price compared to either Wal-Mart, K-Mart, or Target. The articulation is the same as the other Thundercats figures, but Tygra comes with a rubber blue whip and a gun that he can put in his holster that he comes with. He is wearing the green suit rather than the royal one from the pilot episode, but the detail on the face is impressive. He is a little bit taller than both Lion-O and Cheetara, but it would be smaller than Panthro, Grune, and Mumm-Ra in his everliving form. His utility belt can be removed. Like the other figures, he also comes with the instructions. This is a good figure to have to complete the Thundercats collection.


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