Superman Vs. The Elite DVD review

I got the latest Superman direct-to-video animated movie at a used price of $10 and it’s based on the original comics story written by Joe Kelly called What’s So Funny About Truth, Justice, and the American Way? He also wrote this movie along with a stellar voice cast as George Newburn reprises his voiceover role of Superman. The movie is about Superman’s relevancy in the harder-edged, anti-hero world as we have optimism and idealism against cynicism and realism. It shows how far Superman is willing to go without crossing the line as he meets the anti-hero group called the Elite, led by the telepathic Britain metahuman named Manchester Black. The Elite’s purpose is to challenge Superman’s morality, idealism, and optimism and I believe that’s accomplished after watching the film.

I have to admit I was skeptical about this movie based on the animated art, but watching it changed my opinion as this is among the best Superman animated films. The Superman animated films are a lot better than the others. The opening credit was pop culture, punk music style with nods to past Superman  animated incarnations. Usually Superman is accompanied with orchestra themes. The action sequences are superb and the drama is top-notch. DC and WB are very careful in handling Superman in comparison to the cooler popular Batman.

There isn’t much special features on the single-disc edition, except with a sneak preview of the next DCU animated movie Batman: Dark Knight Returns Part 1 and the Dark Knight Rises photo gallery. As a Superman and DC Comics fan, this movie is a keeper along with Superman: Doomsday and All-Star Superman. A great Superman animated movie to watch over and over again, but this is not for the kids here.


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