My Time On The Glades TV Series

With the third season wrapped up with 10 episodes, I thought it would be a good idea to look back on my time with the show as I promised. The first time I did the Glades was in May of 2010 when I did the episode, Mucked Up. This was the episode where a football player got arrested at a football field. I played a photographer who witnessed the arrest, along with about fifty to sixty background actors. This was a very grueling shoot when it was on location and it was on overtime as well. The location of the shoot was on east Sunrise, Florida at a very hidden, yet beautiful park. A couple of months later, I returned to the show playing a different role as a witness. This was shot in Hollywood, Florida near the Oceanwalk. It was a short day as my calltime was 8am and wrapped at 2pm. Unfortunately, I wasn’t used at all so I couldn’t put it on my resume. However, there were tensions with several crew personnel members that made it a bad day for me. Most of them are not on the show anymore.

I was supposed to be on the show again the third time the day after doing another show, Burn Notice, as they want me in Parkland playing a paparazzi. I had to turn down the job as it was far away from me and I thought I informed casting about it. I thought it would be the end of the that until I had a call the next day about my arrival as I had to explain to casting that I couldn’t be there. Deep down, I knew it would come back to bite me. My karma here is that my car broke down due to a dead battery and my arm hurt when I was trying to carry a 5-gallon water bottle. This resulted in me not doing the Glades’ entire second season. I thought it was the end of my days on the show.

Flash forward to this year of 2012 when a different casting company called me about doing the Glades to play a recurring role of a lab tech for the third season. This intrigued me as this would mean some steady work and paycheck. I accepted and shot my scenes as a lab tech at a soundstage in Pembroke Park near Hallandale Beach. It marked the first time that I went to the show’s soundstage and it’s a nice space to be in. All of the times that I appeared in the Glades as a lab tech was in the soundstage and none on location. It was better for me this time around than it was the first time in 2010. At a maximum, up to 6 of us lab techs are used. I got to make friends with other background actors who played lab techs, detectives, FHP, and FDLE. Our scenes as lab techs are shot primarily in the police substation’s laboratory that’s somewhat small, but this was good as I’d have a good chance of being seen. Was I right when the third season aired in early June, I was seeing myself visibly. For me it was paying off. This was the first time I played a recurring role in a TV show. Some of the days were mainly 12 hours and a couple of days were pretty short with the shortest day being 5-6 hours.

As for the cast members, I couldn’t interact with them as they had lines to memorize as I can understand that. Matt Passmore, who plays Jim Longworth, acknowledged me once. Michelle Hurd, who plays Colleen Manus, acknowledged me twice. I didn’t talk to Carlos who plays the head of the substation lab, but mainly because he has the second amount of lines to Matt. The one I talked to the most was Jordan Wall, who plays Daniel Green. I found out that Jordan is from Clearwater Florida and is into running and jogging, especially for charities when he’s not working on the show. Jordan was very nice and friendly.

I have appeared in 5 episodes of the Glades’ third season. Three of which have already aired – Close Encounters, Longworth’s Anatomy, and Food Fight. The other two will air in different times and the episode titles are Fountain of Youth and the season finale, Endless Summer. The latter will air on August 5 of this year. Usually a season is 13 episodes, but this year they had to cut down to 10, probably because of the heavy rains in May. I am glad that I did the Glades’ third season with its first episode and was able to do the final episode from April to July. I hope the show gets renewed for a fourth season as I want to come back as a lab tech again next year.


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