The Glades Has Finished Airing Its 3rd Season!!

The Glades has finished airing its 3rd season with a season finale called Endless Summer that saw Jim and Callie’s long-distance relationship that has taken an interesting turn at the end while Jennifer Starke makes her exit after doing her evaluations of Jim’s performance as a police detective as well as the Palm Glades County Police. The show’s 3rd season was just 10 episodes instead of 13 and I don’t know why, but maybe it’s probably because of the rainy weather back in May. Yes, I have worked on this show playing a recurring lab tech and I am glad that I did the season finale. It’s full circle for me as I appeared in the season premiere, Close Encounters, and its season finale, Endless Summer. What was interesting here is that I have appeared in two places at once in a scene at the crime lab – one where I was in the autopsy room checking off the x-ray photographs and the other I was sitting at a desk talking to a detective. With the Glades’ third season now completed in both production and airing, I must put one chapter behind me and look forward to new ones perhaps unless the show gets renewed for a fourth season. We may have to wait for the news on that one, but it’s been a great ride doing the show.


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