Transformers Prime – New Recruit review

The latest episode introduces a long-overdue new member of the Autobots and it’s not Wheeljack. His name is Smokescreen, who like his G1 counterpart has a fast car with the number 38. This episode is a taste of what he’s about as we look forward to the rest of the season of his development. We thought he was going to become a Decepticon based on the escape pod, but we also get a backstory on how Smokescreen came to Earth. Through Smokescreen, we get lots of names such as The Elite Guard, Alpha Trion, Constructicons, etc. and they’re in the Prime continuity. Judging by his backstory Smokescreen has a lot of courage and heart, but not a lot of combat experience. It looks like Ratchet still doesn’t like Wheeljack.

His induction into the team has polarized the Autobots and created friction amongst them. Arcee does not trust Smokescreen and Bulkhead feels threatened as if he’s going to be replaced. Optimus Prime and the humans are the only ones who trust him. Jack is assigned to be his new partner and tour guide to get used to his new surroundings on Earth. Meanwhile, Starscream has discovered Red Energon and is on a race against the Autobots to get it. Bulkhead is still in the recovery process as Miko continues to push him ,but this time she’s more gentle.

Smokescreen has given Starscream funny names, especially concerning his stiletto heels as the producers poke fun of. I’m glad they acknowledged it. During the climax, the Autobots took the Apex Armor from Starscream as that’s another Cybertronian relic in their collection while Starscream takes Red Energon that will give him hyper-speed. You can imagine who Starscream will this abilities against. While the Autobots reprimand Smokescreen of his mistakes, they also commend him for capturing the Apex Armor as Optimus Prime inducts him into the team. Bulkhead was depressed and bitterly walks away, despite Miko’s encouragement. When he sees the Apex Armor, most of us will have the feeling he will use the Apex Armor in the next episode.

Very good episode overall as Smokescreen has won me over. Since he’s the new member of the team, what is Wheeljack’s purpose now?


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