Transformers Prime – Alpha Omega review

Things in the second season are heating up when Optimus Prime interacts with the spiritual image of Alpha Trion about the four keys that would regenerate Cybertron and its population. That would set the tone for the rest of the season. This marks the first-ever appearance of Alpha Trion in this series and it’s voiced by Star Trek’s George Takei, who did a voiceover for Transformers Animated. This episode is among the most epic where we have Arcee and Smokescreen going to Egypt where they found an Omega Key while Megatron replaces his own arm with that of Solus Prime’s in order to wield the weapon of the Primes. The balance of power shifts back-and-forth when Megatron creates a dark version of the Star Saber to counter Optimus Prime’s Star Saber. The duel between the two was awesome and it was like the titanic Gods and Star Wars combined. Smokescreen continues to impress me as a new addition to the Autobots where he used a phasing device that fits his name. This is the second episode where we didn’t have Miko after the previous arc focused on her and I’m glad because she’d be overexposed. In fact, none of the humans appear in this episode. It’s the opposite of Michael Bay’s movies where the Humans are the focus instead of the Transformers. Last season saw Unicron, I wonder if we’ll see Primus in this season. Great episode overall as the streak continues.



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