Young Justice Invasion – Satisfaction review

As part  of the DC Nation, we were able to get a new episode of Young Justice Invasion after a four-month hiatus. The latest episode introduces us to the real Roy Harper and how he’s dealing with having only one arm and being cloned with Red Arrow. The result saw him take vengeance against the man responsible for taking his life away in Lex Luthor, who shows us why he is Superman’s arch-nemesis and one of the top villains of the DCU. I wish he was written like this in the new 52 comics. For only having one arm, Roy is handling himself very well against Mercy Graves, who shows us what she’s capable of when fighting. Lex gave Roy a choice of revenge and satisfaction and Roy chose the latter that involves a cybernetic replacement arm. Like his clone, Roy discards the Speedy persona and creates a new one called Arsenal.

Artemis’ apparent death has now caused tensions in the Light as both Sportsmaster and Cheshire want Black Manta and Aqualad for killing Artemis. The other storyline has Impulse and Blue Beetle forging a friendship over mentor issues and through them we see memorials of Blue Beetle Ted Kord, Tula, Artemis, and Robin. But the Robin memorial could be a symbol of Dick Grayson’s change of persona or it could be Jason Todd as many speculated.

Superboy is not one to celebrate birthdays and the girls threw one for him while they take on Captain Cold. The DC Nation shorts with the Teen Titans and Super Best Friends were pretty good. Overall, a great episode to come back with.


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