Transformers Prime – Hard Knocks review

The search for the Omega Keys continue where the Autobots and Decepticons continue to be on the race to find the Omega Keys. So far, the Autobots have one and now the Decepticons and Starscream have one of each. With all this going on, Knock Out gains the power of sound to use against the Autobots while Starscream uses Red Energon to gain the power of hyper-speed. Things are even between all three sides. There is internal friction among the Autobots where Smokescreen is concern as Bulkhead takes him under his wing while Arcee still dislikes and distrusts him to the point of criticizing him. She’s starting to become one of my least favorite characters here and it’s mainly because Jack is Smokescreen’s new human partner instead of her. The biggest revelation here is that Smokescreen himself is the final Omega Key and in the end, the Decepticons captured him. This will continue into next week’s episode, Inside Job. It’s a good episode overall so far as things are heating up towards the regeneration of Cybertron.


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