Young Justice Invasion – Darkest review

Darkest was mainly about Aqualad’s loyalties to his father, Black Manta, and the Light. He had to ensure his inside cover mission was successful and that meant blowing up Mount Justice. While Nightwing had accepted it, Kid Flash didn’t as this sparked friction between the two and it seems here that Wally is more concerned about Artemis than anyone else, even his cousin Impulse. The friendship between Impulse and Blue Beetle continued from last week’s episode and we see Lagoon Boy for the first time since we last saw him captured. Mount Justice is now no more and the group may have to operate in the Hall of Justice from this onwards. This series keeps getting better and better. Another great episode for the series.


One thought on “Young Justice Invasion – Darkest review

  1. In Season #2. Episode 1. “Happy New Year”. I thought Static shock was shown as a older man. In the ending of that episode
    Now in Season #2. Episode “Darkest”. Static shock is shown as kid perhaps. A Lil lost now. Are they gonna be going back in time.etc. confused much?

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