KISS Monster review

KISS returns with the 20th studio album and follow-up to 2009’s Sonic Boom. They described this as Sonic Boom on steroids and after listening to it, this is most definitely true. I’ve listened to Monster from top to bottom and there was not one song I skipped so I know a great album when I see one.  It was all straight-ahead rock and roll with guitars, bass, and drums all the way.There are 13 songs with Paul Stanley singing 6, Gene Simmons singing 4, both sharing lead vocals on 1 song, and both Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer each singing 1. Like Sonic Boom, Monster is produced by Paul Stanley who is the band’s true musical leader and heart and soul of the group. There was no ballads, keyboards, orchestra, and no outside writers – another thing that’s in the same vein as Sonic Boom. Put together this with Sonic Boom and you can see how much this current KISS lineup has progressed in their music. Both Tommy and Eric have stepped up in vocals, guitars, and drums than they did in Sonic Boom. Even though I love all songs from top to bottom, the ones that stood out to me were Wall of Sound and Freak. As much as I love the original line-up, if Monster hits #1 then I will say that this current KISS lineup has surpassed the original lineup. This is a high recommender.


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