Arrow – Pilot review

The moment has come when CW debuted a new series based on Green Arrow. However, it’s not the one played by Justin Hartley in Smallville. This is a rather different, but darker take on the character. There were a lot of positive reviews and hype surrounding this series. In watching the pilot episode, they were right in that this was packed with great acting and great action. The two main characters are Oliver Queen and Dinah Laurel Lance, played by Stephen Amell and Katie Cassidy respectively. This was an origin episode for Oliver who goes from being rescued from the island he was stranded in for 5 years to reconnecting with society at his hometown of Starling City to forging a vigilante persona and training in weapons and martial arts to become Arrow. He doesn’t go by the name of Green Arrow, but just Arrow alone.

There were flashbacks from the deaths of his father, Robert Queen, and Dinah’s sister, Sarah, along with his voiceover narrative that filter throughout the pilot. People were bothered by the voiceover, but I wasn’t as it gives us Oliver’s thoughts on what he does and why does the things as a vigilante crimefighter. The relationship between he and Dinah was off to a rocky start as there was back and forth tension between. There is also the friendship between Oliver and Tommy Merlin, who will eventually become his arch-enemy. This is going to be like the Smallville version of Clark and Lex when they started out as friends, but became enemies. I hope this time that they execute their friendship in a Y-shaped path instead of zig-zagging back-and-forth like we got with Clark and Lex. There is Oliver’s mother in the end as she may be responsible for his father and Dinah’s sister’s deaths.

In comparison to Justin Hartley’s lighter Smallville version, Stephen Amell’s version is a lot more complex and more darker as he fights for justice even if it means killing. He’s pushing people away, including those closest to him such as his mother and sister and his friend. The training sequence and the action sequences were among my favorite as this could rival fellow CW series, Nikita. David Nutter directed the pilot, just like he does with other pilots including X-Files and Smallville. He has done a great job in this one. Does this hit its mark? I’d say yeah. Great start to the Arrow series.


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