Transformers Prime – Patch review

Picking up from last episode, we have another recap episode where it’s from Starscream’s point of view. Through the mind device, Megatron finds out what Starscream’s true motives are and what he has done in his absence. Starscream tries to get back to the Decepticons and does so with all four Omega Keys he has given Megatron. There are no Autobots in this episode, except in recap. Also, there are no humans as well as this is another episode in a row without them. Something tells me that the humans’ role is diminishing. Knockout has also stepped up in this episode after being stuck through the wall last episode. The biggest advancement is that Dreadwing finds out that his brother, Skyquake, has died and his rage in the end has shown that. I also wonder if his rage is also directed at Starscream being back in the Decepticons as well. This is the calm before the storm as the next two episodes are the season finale that will lead into the third season with the Beast Hunters. I didn’t care much about a recap episode, but this one is funny as Starscream has funny moments.


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