Arrow – Lone Gunmen review

After last week’s episode that gave us China White, this week introduces us to Deadshot. The hook of the episode is that Green Arrow discovers someone is taking down his list, but is doing it without the morals and causes that he has. This is what the episode was conveying here. We see the similarities and differences between Green Arrow and Deadshot. The fight between them was better than Oliver’s fight with China White. Another development has Oliver learning that Dinah and Merlyn are dating, but Oliver is fine with it which surprised Merlyn. Later on, Dinah told him the real reason Oliver was fine with it.

With three episodes so far, I hope to see some real progression in the relationships. I’m talking about the one between Oliver and Thea and the other with Oliver and Dinah. Either progress them or end the relationships. Thea has become annoying and really doesn’t serve much purpose, unless she becomes Speedy in the show. What I hated in Smallville in terms of Clark and Lana, the same thing is on the verge of happening between Oliver and Dinah. Either progressed them towards becoming a couple again or end it as well.  However, this episode also focused on the relationship among the Queen family.

Oliver’s bodyguard, John Diggs, has become the first person in history to learn his secret as Green Arrow and it’s a major development that ends the episode in a cliffhanger that will continue in the next episode. Another great episode that has stepped up from last week’s.


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