Nikita – Innocence review

The things that were set up in the season premiere were built upon in the second episode. This episode involves a young girl, who was missing for two years, was trained by Wade to be his soldier and weapon. Because of Wade, she knows about Division and its layout. Through Division files, we get to know more about the young girl who had to go through several names that have different codes and meanings. Nikita didn’t do much fighting in this episode as that goes to Michael. What Nikita did throughout this episode was trying to reach out to the young girl because she has things in common with her. Meanwhile, Alex goes to the young girl’s mother to get some things to rescue the young girl and promising to reunite her with her mother. Eventually, they did in the end. The tensions that occurred between Nikita and Ryan in the season premiere continued in this as Ryan gets the final word. There was also tension between Birkhoff and Sonia as well until Ryan calmed everyone down. Ryan’s leadership is vital to the new Division and he’s getting the handle in running the group. A good emotional episode than the season premiere.


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