Nikita – True Believer review

The tension between Nikita and Ryan continues as we learn more on what makes Nikita who she is as she doesn’t trust the Government itself. Everyone can see it, especially with Alex. The hook of the episode was a rogue Division agent going undercover until she turned on Nikita and the country to serve assassins. The beliefs that Nikita had are being tested when the female rogue Division agent had her see similarities of herself in her. She is where Nikita once was and it lead to Nikita saving her, but only after she died and paid the price. The female assassin died a hero in the end. This episode also sees several relationships besides Nikita and Michael. There is Alex and Sean as well as Birkhoff and Sonia. Sean asks Alex the same things that made her who she is on why she’s with Division while there is tension between Birkhoff and Sonia that reached a boiling point over their clashed methods. A good episode that sees Nikita in action after last week’s where she didn’t fight.


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