Transformers Prime – Our Darkest Hour review

The season finale is here. Everything that has happened throughout the second season has culminated in this game-changing finale. This episode has cast Optimus Prime in a negative light because everyone, including Megatron and Starscream, wanted Cybertron restored and Optimus Prime ends up destroying the Omega Lock and Keys with his Star Saber. That gave the Decepticons a new reason to go after the Autobots, destroy Optimus Prime and conquer Earth. Even Ratchet scolded Optimus Prime over his actions to the point of being melodramatic. However, Ratchet didn’t realize that Jack, Raf, and Miko were captured by the Decepticons as he should have picked them up and he didn’t.  Ratchet himself was responsible as well.  The reason for Optimus Prime being put in a negative light was because of their human friends who were held prisoner by the Decepticons and were kept in a glass tube as they were on Cybertron. The season ends with the Autobots scattered all over the world, the Decepticons Cyber Fortress on Earth, and Optimus Prime lays in ruins as we don’t know if he’s alive or dead, but I’m betting on the former here. They wouldn’t continue Transformers Prime without Optimus Prime.

Starscream has stepped up to the plate by being restored as Decepticon second-in-command and showed why he is second-in-command. It turns out that he does care about Cybertron and puts Knock-Out in his place by having him tend to Megatron, whose Solus Prime arm was cut off by Optimus Prime’s Star Saber. Another thing that gave Starscream the highlight was leading an armada of seekers to attack the Autobots and their base. It looks like he and Megatron are on the same page after spending the majority of the season being rogue by himself. With the Autobot base destroyed, it looks like Arachnid is also gone since we last saw her in suspended stasis.

There are moments in this episode such as the return of Jack’s mother, June, whom we haven’t seen since Orion Pax and her relationship with Agent Fowler. Speaking of Agent Fowler, we see him trying to fight off the Vehicons and Insecticons with his helicopter. We also got the return of Wheeljack, who saves Fowler and fights off the Decepticons with his ship. I wish Smokescreen and Wheeljack would meet. I think Wheeljack will be full-time in the 3rd season.

Overall, a great season finale to end the second season and a lead-in to the third season of Beast Hunters. Later on, I will be doing a review of the Second Season.



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