Nikita – Consequences review

The November sweeps begins for Nikita as we get into the fourth episode that sees the returns of Amanda and Owen. Amanda is now rogue and is in the same position Nikita was in the first two seasons as this was role reversal between the two. She lets Division know that she’s out there and will take out Nikita and the everyone else working for her. It is clear from the start of the series that Amanda was the true threat, not Percy. Her return connects with Owen’s return that concerns the Operation Broken Key involving Crytpographs. In the end, Michael and Alex got the device.

The other thing that stuck out in this episode was the relationships, particularly between Alex and Sean. There’s friction between them over Sean wanting out of Division, but didn’t tell Alex why he wanted out. Worse for both of them was Sean using emotional blackmail on Alex to choose he or Division and Alex taking medical pills to ease the pain on her injured arm. With Sean leaving, perhaps not for long, Division gets a new member in Owen. We see Alex and Owen interacting for the first time and there was never much between them in the first two seasons. The other thing going on was between Birkhoff and Sonya where they’re trying to find common ground outside of Division. In the end, they discover that Amanda had an insider that allowed her to send a message to Division.

Owen returns that causes mixed reaction among Division as Nikita trusts him while Michael and Ryan do not. Ryan’s leadership is solid and firm and was right in having Alex questioning Owen instead of Nikita because he feels Nikita is too close to the situation. We learn some new things about Owen about his life prior to Division, but the only thing we got was the name Sam. Another great episode overall.


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