Star Wars Clone Wars – Bound For Rescue review

With Ahsoka captured by the pirates, the Jedi younglings are stranded in their damaged ship. They contact Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi about the situation. It was during this time, the younglings had to build their lightsabers the right way using patience and the Force. As they activated their ligjhtsabers, only Katooni’s doesn’t work and no one knows why. However, they decide to rescue Ahsoka on their own even if it means disobeying her orders. As they set down on a planet where Ahsoka is captured, Ganodi is left behind with R2-D2 to repair Huyang while they catch a circus ship that’s on its way to the pirate stronghold.

The younglings had to dress up like the circus acts to rescue Ahsoka and it was a successful, although it wasn’t easy. Meanwhile, Obi-Wan and the clone army had to deal with General Grievous, whom I understand is making his only appearance in this season. I’d like to see General Grievous take on Darth Maul and Savage Oppress down the line. I was glad Ahsoka wasn’t angry with them as she understood too well about disobeying orders and doing the right thing from their hearts.

I disagree with Ganodi staying behind since it should have been Katooni, whose lightsaber didn’t work. It was funny to see the younglings in their martial arts poses, especially Gungi who kicks like the legendary Bruce Lee. I’m liking these young jedi more than anything else in Clone Wars and maybe Ahsoka should be in a potential spin-off series with them as well. Another great episode for the Young Jedi arc.


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