Star Wars Clone Wars – The Gathering review

I haven’t seen Star Wars Clone Wars since the 1st season and didn’t need to since we all know it leads to Star Wars Episode 3. However, something did caught my interest and that was the arc concerning Young Jedi or, as they called in the Jedi Order, Younglings. These are young Jedi at a very young age before they would go to Padawan stage. After story-arcs that are getting dark, they needed to lighten up with these young characters. The episode is the first of the 4-episode arc called Young Jedi where Ahsoka Tano takes them on a trip to Illum where they meet Grand Master Yoda and find the crystals that power up the Lightsabers. I like episodes where characters are on a quest to search for something.

We are introduced to the younglings with the brave human Petro, Tholothian damsel female Katooni, strong Wookie Gungi, the nerdy tech Nautolan male Zatt, the scaredy-cat Ithorian Byph, and the pessimistic female Rodian with pilot training named Ganodi. Already they have jumped out at me as characters who each have problems when they start searching for their crystals in groups and individually. They had to face their fears and flaws instead of running away from them. Getting the crystals wasn’t the only they had to face – they had to get them before the entrance refreezes itself again. As they all obtained their crystals, they have taken their first steps into the larger world to become Jedi Padawans and future Jedi Knights and Masters.

I see a potential spin-off involving these young Jedi and it would fit in with Disney’s plans since they bought Lucasfilm and Star Wars. I’d watch it every week.


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