Smallville – The Complete 10th Season DVD review

I finally got it as this was released last year in November, so it was a year late for me due to outside things. This is the one that I wanted the most with the 9th season DVD set being second. The reason being is that this where the show ends with Clark becoming Superman with wearing the suit and flying with it. Like seasons 7-9, the packaging for the 10th season is the same with the plastic box with a slipcase cover. The highlights of the 10th season for me were Lazarus, Shield, Homecoming, Ambush, Abandoned, Luthor, Beacon, Scion, Kent, Booster, Prophecy, and Finale. The rest of the seasons I didn’t care about because they didn’t focus on Clark and/ or were fillers. I’ve already reviewed the 10th season, so there’s no point in doing another review again.

The video presentation is superb and is presented in widescreen and the audio is the same as the other sets in 5.1 Surround. It comes with special features such as the making of the 200th episode Homecoming, the relationship between Clark and Lex, the music video with Cassidy Freeman and Alessandro Juliani, and commentaries for 2 episodes Lazarus and Dominion. The commentaries disappointed me because I figured there would be more than just those 2 episodes. I was hoping they’d do commentary on Homecoming, Booster, and especially Finale. There are deleted scenes for several episodes, including Shield, Supergirl, and Abandoned among others.

This is an excellent DVD set for those who fans of the show’s final season or for those who want to complete or customized their collections. I’m glad I finally got it. With this, my reviews for the Smallville DVD’s are over, but there are those new Smallville comics for the 11th season. But that’s another story for another time.


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