Arrow – Muse of Fire review

After a one-week holiday hiatus, Arrow returns with an episode that features the debut of Helena Bertinelli aka The Huntress. She makes an impact on the show by being a force of nature that Oliver may or may not tame. Their relationship has already become more interesting than Oliver’s relationship with Dinah or any other relationship. On the surface, they’re similar in that they’re masked vigilantes seeking revenge and that’s where the similarities end. Their differences outweigh the similarities in that Oliver is trying to fulfill his father’s wishes while Helena does not want to be like her father. Oliver gets caught in the middle of a mob war that Helena tries to put out. If there was one thing that Oliver comes across in the series so far, it’s hypocritical in that he tells Helena what she’s doing is wrong and yet he’s killing the people on his list.

Thea’s purpose seems to be forming where she points out Oliver’s faults and how much he’s becoming increasing distant and dishonest. The scene where Moira was nearby when one of the Bertinelli people was killed, Oliver goes after the suspect instead of checking on his mother. Diggle can see it as well as he and Detective Lance can see something bad about Helena, whom Oliver is falling head over heels for. Oliver has someone he can share his secret with – he couldn’t share it with his family, Dinah, and not even Diggle.

The other storyline seems to be Dinah and Merlyn where they go out on a date, where Merlyn’s credit card is cancelled and his bank accounts are frozen. Merlyn finds out that his father is none other that Barrowman aka The Well-Dressed Man. The producers seem to have progressed the Dinah/ Merlyn relationship a lot faster than Oliver/ Dinah’s. Honestly, I could have done without it as this was needless soap opera. The episode was written by Geoff Johns, who wrote several episodes of Smallville that featured other DCU heroes. Huntress is the first DCU hero that Oliver encounters in this TV show.

This is also the first episode without flashbacks on Oliver’s time on the island. We also get the return of China White in a brief scene. I suspect she will do more in the next episode, which I’m looking forward to more. Good episode with Huntress, whom I feel should either be a series regular, recurring character, or have a spinoff show of her own.


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