Arrow – Year’s End review

We are now at the mid-season finale as Arrow airs its final episode for this year. The premise of the episode has Oliver trying to set up a Christmas party for the first time in 5 years. While he’s doing that, an evil dark archer runs around and kills people working for the Queen Industries’ Applied Science division. After the last two episodes that focused on The Huntress, we are back with island flashbacks as well as two fight scenes – one between Deathstroke and Yao Fei and the other between Oliver and dark archer. The latter fight was brutal and it shows that Oliver has a main rogue villain to deal with down the line. We found out that the dark archer is Merlyn, but not Tommy. But rather his father, Malcolm Merlyn. This may cause some problems between Oliver and Tommy down the line.

This thing between Oliver and Thea is a step forward and two steps backwards thus resulting in the Smallville trap of will they/ won’t they between them. Oliver caught Thea at a bad time and later on, they had to accept each other as they are now, not what they were in the past. On the other hand, the relationship between Oliver and Dinah is laying the foundations of their relationship instead of the aforementioned Smallville problem like Clark and Lana was. I’m still hoping that Oliver and Tommy Merlyn do not become enemies because of Dinah.

Felicity Smoak is definitely the Chloe Sullivan of the show who provides info to both Oliver and Walter separately. We find out that she doesn’t celebrate Christmas because of her religious beliefs. However, she should be in on Oliver’s secret and provide additional support for Oliver’s vigilante crusade. Diggle doesn’t seem to be enough and they need another voice of reason. That’s where I feel Felicity should come in.

Speaking of Walter, it looks like we won’t be seeing him for awhile as he got too close on the List and confronted Moira about it, along with her lies concerning Robert Queen and the sabotaged yacht. Since Walter won’t be the one, Oliver is definitely going to be suspicious of Walter’s disappearance down the line and confront Moira about it.

Detective Lance is coming around about Green Arrow as he knows that it isn’t his MO to kill someone and ends up paying the price as his commanding officer takes him off the case. Plus, he and Dinah get a gift from Tommy a photo of they and Dinah’s late sister, Sarah together. But still no sign of Dinah’s mother anywhere and hopefully that will be revealed down the line in this first season. Great way to end the first half of the season as I’ll be doing a mid-season review of the show later on.


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