TNA British Bootcamp Episode 2 review

The second episode has already came out, which surprised me because I thought it would be an episode a day. In the first episode, we were introduced to the contestants. In this second episode, the focus is on the contestants’ mic work skills and their ability to deal with the media as it’s part of the daily life of a wrestling superstar, whether it’s TNA or WWE. The contestants held themselves up pretty well when dealing with the UK media who asked questions, positive and negative. When it came to cutting a promo in front of a crowd, Spud blew the rest of the contestants all the way. While he didn’t shine in the first episode, wrestling-wise, he shined in this episode mic-wise. The Blossom Twins held their own in hitting back at Spud while Scurll was okay on the mic. Jeremy Borash decided that they all passed the test and it ends with all of them going to the UK airport to head to America for Bound For Glory. Good second episode here, but I think TNA should sign all four of them anyway.


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