TNA British Boot Camp Episode 3 review

The third episode is about the British Boot Camp cast going to America for TNA’s premiere event of Bound For Glory. What is interesting here is a behind the scenes look on TNA’s pay-per-view attraction from the Boot Camp cast’s viewpoint on from their arrival at the airport in Arizona to meeting TNA President Dixie Carter, Hulk Hogan, Sting, and the other TNA stars. The arrival wasn’t off to a great start for Rockstar Spud, whose bags have fallen apart. Their first night was for Sting’s TNA Hall of Fame induction, where they got to meet the aforementioned names and Kurt Angle. They also met TNA Announcer Christy Hemme as Rockstar Spud basically ruined it for Party Marty and it’s really rude to say what he said upon their first meeting. First impressions are important. The next day saw TNA’s production personnel escorting the Boot Camp cast to their seats and they have to make the first impression count on their first appearance on Bound For Glory. After Bound For Glory, they arrive in TNA’s home in Nashville where they meet Dixie at their headquarters and that’s where the episode ended.

I don’t know if Rockstar Spud and Party Marty Scurll have ever been to America prior to last year, but the Blossom Twins have been there several times through their work in Ohio Valley Wrestling, TNA’s developmental territory. It’s clear that both Spud and Marty are enjoying themselves to the max in this one compared to the twins. Spud was not as controversial in this one like he was in the first two episodes. Marty was enjoying his meeting Hogan, Sting, and Angle. The twins didn’t do anything major like they did in the first two episodes. There is romance between Marty and Hannah Blossom and this may give TNA executives an idea who they may keep and eliminate as the cast realize that TNA is watching their every move with these cameras on them 24/7. A good episode for the behind the scenes stuff on TNA’s Hall of Fame and Bound For Glory.


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