Arrow – Burned review

We are back from a hiatus with an episode where the aftermath of Year’s End is felt. The episode takes place 6-weeks after the midseason finale as we see Oliver having doubts about himself and his vigilante crusade while Moira is feeling the pain of Walter’s disappearance, which she knew about. The Batman villain Firefly makes his debut as he is someone who was thought dead, but came back with a vengeance as he some of the firemen. However, the way he was used wasn’t well executed as they could have used him more to make him a threat to Arrow. As this was the main storyline of the episode, Dinah was in this episode proactively and Oliver is involved reactively through her. Both Diggle and Thea served their roles well in getting through to both Oliver and Moira and eventually by episode’s end, they did. The relationship between Dinah and her father has another twist as he’s using her to get to Green Arrow. We also see Tommy Merlyn in his job as General Manager of Oliver’s nightclub as he creates an event to honor the firefighters. The episode title has different meanings as it means Firefly and Oliver getting burned out in his crusade. An okay episode to come back with.


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