Green Lantern TAS – Prisoner of Sinestro review

After the return of Razer last week, this week sees the debut of Sinestro. However, he is not the villain he will become but is a Green Lantern whom Hal Jordan looked up to. The hook of the episode was him bringing an alien prisoner who can control his victims with its mind and he did it with everyone, except for Aya.There were hints of Sinestro’s villainy, especially at the end that has Hal Jordan concerned. The problem of bringing in Sinestro as a villain as what can he do that either the Red Lanterns or the Manhunters can’t. They’re basing him from the current comics. Meanwhile, Aya and Razer are still working on their relationship as there’s still tension between them. I’m starting to like Aya more and more as she’s becoming a favorite. I wish they’d bring her to the main comics. We now find out that the Blue Lantern’s help wasn’t working. Overall, this is a self-contained episode as there are no Manhunters in this one. I hope Sinestro will join the team along with Tomar Re and the Blue Lanterns. Good episode for Sinestro’s debut.


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