Nikita – Intersection review

After a hiatus, we’re back with an episode that picks up right where the midseason finale left off as they get right into the hearts of the problems such as Alex’s drug use and Sonia being the mole for Amanda. While Nikita and the others reacted positively about Sonia, they reacted negatively about Alex as Nikita and Ryan would have her benched as she would have jeopardized their field missions. We get to see Amanda’s thoughts on what it’s like to be in a position Nikita was back in the first two seasons as she’s targeting Nikita’s loved ones, mainly Michael. It turned out to be eventually true when a grenade has overturned their car that has Michael trapped while Amanda got away.

Meanwhile, as Birkhoff does surgery to remove Sonia’s chip from her head, Alex discovers who the second mole is as she confronted him and took him down. I’m glad to see Nikita and Ryan going on the same page. I’m also glad to see Sonia safe for now as she and Birkhoff can have their romantic relationship developed. This episode will be a turning point for both Nikita and Michael. A good episode to come back with.


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