Young Justice Invasion – True Colors review

After focusing on Miss Martian for several episodes, she’s benched on this one as they shift the spotlight to Robin Tim Drake, Impulse, Blue Beetle, and the original Roy Harper, who makes his debut as Arsenal after getting a bionic arm from Lex Luthor.  To distinguish himself from his clone, Red Arrow, the original Roy gets a buzz cut.Together, they’re sent by Nightwing to investigate LexCorp’s deal with the Reach at an organic farm where took some sample. It’s also where they encounter Blue Beetle’s arch-enemy, Black Beetle. The four young heroes work so well together that these are the guys who are the true focus of the season, not the original six from the first season that the showrunner implied. During the action, we get to see the debut of the Green Beetle, whose host is a Martian like Martian Manhunter and Miss Martian. He’s a cool character who could add something to the team after seeing Miss Martian’s questionable actions and is helping Jaime with his Blue scarab.

Meanwhile, Sportmaster wants revenge on Aqualad for killing his daughter Artemis that puts him in conflict with Black Manta and the Light. We see that he’s being replaced by Deathstroke, who looks awesome in his debut here and in Arrow. While Sportsmaster wants Aqualad, Black Manta wants Miss Martian for mindwiping him. I have a feeling some members of Young Justice may be killed off at season’s end. Lots of debuts here include Smallville and Jonathan Kent. How cool was it to see Atom and Bumblebee working together and they could be a cute couple as they tried to remove the scarab from Jaime, but it doesn’t work as it has a mind of its own. Another great episode of Invasion.


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