TNA British Boot Camp Episode 5 review

The episode begins with the British Bootcamp cast coming to TNA’s developmental territory, Ohio Valley Wrestling, where future wrestling stars train. It’s run by Al Snow and Nightmare Danny Davis with Doug Williams as a trainer. Al and Doug get the Bootcamp cast involved in tag team matches with Rockstar Spud and Party Marty against one of OVW’s tag team. Interesting here is that it’s known both Spud and Marty do not like each throughout the series and the friction between them escalated. Meanwhile, the Blossom Twins go up against Gutcheck Winner Taeler Hendrix and one of the OVW women wrestlers as they did better. It’s shown here that the Blossoms work well and have the psychic twin connection down pat. Afterwards in backstage, Al Snow chewed out both Spud and Marty but mainly on Spud because he let his personal problems get in the way of business. Doug was not as hard on them as Al was. Later, Al gave them feedback on the positives and negatives and decides that they’re all ready for the Impact Zone. They shook hands with the Impact superstars, greeted Rocco Rollerball online, and met up with TNA President Dixie Carter, who tells them who they’re going up against. This is where the episode ends.

It is here that I think the Blossom Twins shined in this match because out of the four contestants, nobody does tag team better than them in contrast to Spud and Marty’s rocky relationship. The Blossom Twins’ time in OVW has paid off and it was showing throughout this episode. If there was one thing all four contestants had in common that Al and Doug pointed out, it was that they tend to rush. In terms of entrances, Spud had it downpat with the twins being second. Party Marty seems to overdo it. A good episode for the Blossom Twins as I want TNA to sign them to add to the Knockouts, where the Knockout Tag Team titles are becoming a joke with Eric Young and ODB.


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