Nikita – Aftermath review

The latest episode of Nikita shows the aftermath of last week’s episode, where Nikita chops off Michael’s hand to save his life. Here we are dealing with how it affects Michael on all levels – physically, mentally, and emotionally. Nikita and the others are concerned about Michael. At one instance, Michael was doing target practice where he’s off the mark so that’s on a physical level. Mentally, he’s not on top of his game when he let someone escape. Emotionally, he argues with Nikita and brushes off her help. As much as I may not like how Michael push Nikita away like that, he does make a point in that Nikita has done too much that leads to problems. There are times when Michael has to take care of his own personal problems and Nikita has to respect his boundaries if she loves and respects him. While the main episode is about going after a Cleaner, this also sees the return of Owen as they’re in a state of transition. Michael will operate from behind the scenes at Division with Ryan while Owen will become Nikita’s new field partner. The dynamics of Nikita and Michael’s relationship has changed since last week. I truly feel that the moment Nikita took away Michael’s hand, part of him has died further and further in addition to losing his first family we saw in the first season. Meanwhile, Alex is rightfully benched after everyone has found out about her drug use. She needs to get her blood pressure down until she’s ready to get back to the field with Nikita and others. A very emotional episode for Michael as I expect the friction to continue.


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