Arrow – Vertigo review

After last week focused on Diggle, this week’s episode focused on Oliver’s sister Thea. It picked up where last week’s episode left off where she got arrested for using the Vertigo drug and was on trial. It was in her trial that we found out her full name – Thea Dearden Queen. It’s a nod to the comics’ female Speedy, Mia Dearden. There are many possibilities here – it’s possible that Thea may be Oliver’s adopted sister and not his biological one, along with the negative vibes between them at the start of the show. Just like Mia is a drug addict and HIV-positive, the same thing is happening with Thea. It’s clear they’re building her up to become Speedy, unless something happens to her. Later, we see that she works for Dinah Lance as an intern at the law office. Also, Thea learns the truth from Oliver concerning their parents.  Meanwhile, Count Vertigo makes his debut and is the show’s equivalent to the Joker. He’s used pretty well and his fight scenes with Oliver are good. I hope he returns down the line. Meanwhile, the flashbacks with Deathstroke are awesome as he owns big time. I hope they bring in Deathstroke and Yao Fei in the present. The end of the episode is leading to the next episode as Felicity reveals to Oliver the truth about his mother, Moira, Walter’s disappearance, and the book she gave him.  I have a feeling Felicity will be part of Oliver’s inner circle along with Diggle.

Also, I did some research on Felicity Smoak as she’s a comic book character who would be the stepmother to Firestorm Ronnie Raymond. Felicity will likely survive and stay in the series. The producers of the show are respecting and digging into the DCU mythology than Smallville has and that’s saying something from a DC comic fan like me. Great episode overall as this gets better and better.


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