Nikita – Survival Instincts review

After seeing things change between Nikita and Michael last week, they took it to another level where Michael’s idea of moving forward is to be replaced by Owen in the field work and he and Owen don’t see eye-to-eye on a lot of things. Troubled relationships are the norm when a cleaner named Ray, part of the Dirty Thirty, wants to recreate his old life by kidnapping his ex-wife or ex-girlfriend. Nikita is used to working with Michael and they have ways of doing things together, but with Owen it’s a different adjustment as Owen is like a loose cannon, yet unlike Michael, Nikita vouches for him. In the end, Nikita tries to get Michael to regain his self-esteem and fight for what they have together. She gets hope from Birkhoff, who may have found a way for Michael to regain his hand he lost. Meanwhile, Sean returns and Alex confronts him once and for all about his departure and the ultimatum he issued. I don’t blame Alex as she was right to be angry with him about it. Good thing they got back together. Both Ryan and Sonia are not in this episode. A good episode for all relationships, though I don’t know what the episode title refers to.


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