Nikita – Brave New World review

After Nikita learns of a miracle that can regenerate limbs from Birkhoff, she goes out on a personal solo mission to find the doctor who can do this. However, her actions have consequences that leads her and Division in trouble. If anything, this episode shows why Nikita is not a team player and that she would never go that far without the others. Luckily, Michael, Alex,and Ryan discover Nikita’s personal mission from Birkhoff that causes Ryan to send both Michael and Alex to rescue her, whether she likes it or not. While she finds the doctor, they were imprisoned where she learns that he’s not the original doctor but rather the supplier. Meanwhile, Ryan speaks to the government agents and gets an order from the President to kill which didn’t sit too well with the others. Nikita and Michael learn the truth about the doctor that lead to his demise. Michael gets hope in the idea of regaining his hand, yet Nikita is now cautious about it. We also learn from Ryan that Division gets an order to kill four more people before its eventual shutdown as this causes concern from the others. We also see Michael accepting his promotion to directing from behind-the-scenes with Ryan and Birkhoff, something he used to do in the first season. It’s another good episode of Nikita here.


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