Green Lantern Animated – Love Is A Battlefield review

The producers and writers sure love Pat Benatar with a title like that. Here this episode picks up where the one before Babel left off as we see what Aya has been doing since turning evil and controlling both the Anti-Monitor and the Manhunters. We see what Aya is really capable of when she stages a battle between love and hate with Carol Ferris returning as Star Sapphire against the returning Atrocitus, who is freed from his prison by Aya. It’s clear that Carol is no match for Atrocitus until she calls for help. Fortunately, she does so with Hal Jordan, who along with Kilowog and Razer have been trying to track down Aya. With Hal heading for the Star Sapphires’ homeworld, both Kilowog and Razer set out to head there as well. We see Hal and Carol team-up to take on Atrocitus and defeated him, but unfortunately paid the price when Galatea died at his hands. Too bad Aya sent Atrocitus back to his prison before Kilowog and Razer arrived and Aya was about to kill both Hal and Carol, whose love is still there between them. I feel that the main focus was Aya, Carol, Atrocitus, and Galatea moreso than Hal, Kilowog, and Razer. An okay episode here.


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