Green Lantern Animated – Larfleeze review

After confronting Aya and the Manhunters last episode, this episode sees the debut of Orange Lantern Larfleeze as Razer tells us more about the Orange Lanterns and why they don’t exist as a Corp anymore. With Green Lanterns powered by will, Red Lanterns powered by rage, Star Sapphires powered by love, and Blue Lanterns powered by hope, we learn through Hal’s actions that the Orange Lanterns are powered by greed. When Hal was taking the Orange Lantern battery along with the rings, we were seeing shades of Parallax in him and it could be a foreshadowing as well. Larfleeze himself plays a role similar to Lord of the Ring’s Gollum in that the Orange Lantern rings and battery are his and his alone as greed is his true core. Meanwhile, Kilowog calls Razer out on what happened between he and Aya as Razer reacted with anguish and they teamed-up to help Hal get out of the Orange Lantern influence, which he did eventually. While all this was going on, we see that Aya and the Manhunters taking out stars. A good episode with Larfleeze’s debut. but not much has advanced. I’d put this with Love Is A Battlefield.


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