Green Lantern Animated – Scarred review

Aya-Monitor and the Manhunters continue to eradicate worlds while Hal Jordan, Kilowog, and Red Lantern Razer stand before the Guardians about what to do with the Aya-Monitor. Afterwards, they found a secret lab that’s never known to anyone, except for the Guardians. Then, they go to a planet where they find the female Guardian, who was thought dead at the hands of the Anti-Monitor, alive yet scarred which is what the episode refers to. It is also the origin of Aya and why the female Guardian wanted her deactivated. The seeds with Aya’s curiosity were planted along with the Lantern Battery containing a living being. There was tension among the group when Razer distracted the Aya-Monitor while the female Guardian put the plan into motion involving deadly missiles that were not nearly enough to destroy them. Afterwards, Hal and Kilowog tried to stop the female Guardian who has unlocked powers that the other Guardians do not use. It was clear that the female Guardian couldn’t be trusted. The Interceptor’s new navigator computer, Lame-O, has his moment when he crashed the Interceptor into the Aya-Monitor.

I like the Anti-Monitor storyline for the season until the moment they had Aya turned against Hal and the others as they reverted to the status quo of the first season. It’s clear to me that the show focused on Aya and Razer more than Hal and Kilowog, Both Aya and Razer were made-for-TV characters, whom I can see are going to be the ones to die at series end. A good origin episode for Aya.


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