Nikita – With Fire review

With Sean now in Division, the team goes after and captures arch-nemesis, Ari, who was betrayed by Amanda. As he’s captured by Division, Nikita interrogates him about a terrorist and Ari wants $50 million because of his son, Stephen, and his caretaker. Nikita begins playing with fire by becoming a monster herself where she beats him for information and it’s a good thing Michael stepped in before she does further harm. This is the reason I dislike Nikita this season as not only is not a team player, but she wouldn’t listen to anyone except for Michael. We got to learn more about Ari himself and Amanda’s plan as this will continue into the next episode.

Meanwhile, we have something going on between Alex, Owen, and Sean, whom I’m more invested in than Nikita and Michael and we find out why the President wanted to shut down Division – it isn’t funded by the government as Ryan had to fund it in different ways. The team of Alex, Owen, and Sean ended up saving the day to prevent Division from being exposed. I don’t know how Michael overcame the loss of his hand that quickly as he got to set up the place for a wedding between he and Nikita. They are setting up for the next episode as this was alright.


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