Green Lantern Animated – Dark Matter review

The series comes to an end where the Green Lantern Corps and Red Lantern Razer take on Aya Monitor and the Manhunters as they attempt to prevent Aya from altering time by getting to the creation of the universe. However, not all of the Corps are there as Sinestro is the only one who didn’t show up. The Blue Lanterns and Orange Lantern Larfleeze, along with the rest of the Red Lanterns, were not there either. It didn’t have that going out with a bang sense. This sums up who this series was really about – Aya and Razer. They teased Razer’s death, yet it was Aya who died after all she did. I was half right in that I was predicting both Aya and Razer would be gone when this show ends and it would have been better if they both were gone. Hal really did nothing in battle after learning the truth about Aya’s actions. The ending was a tease of where Razer was heading. An interesting way to end the show. I will be doing a review of the season later.


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