Nikita – The Life We’ve Chosen review

The story-arc involving Ari concludes when Amanda has Alex hostage in exchange to get Ari back. There is tension amongst everyone as Michael sends Nikita and Sean, but Ryan sends Owen in at the last minute as this has Michael suspicious and Nikita isn’t too happy about. Meanwhile, Alex meets a fellow prisoner whom she vows to break out with and this puts her at odds with Nikita and her plan. This makes Alex likeable at the same time made Nikita unlikeable. What really bothered Alex was that Nikita didn’t watch her back as she cared more about her mission. Nikita’s reaction to Ari’s death was puzzling and feels he was a victim, but we certainly didn’t feel it the last few episodes. In the end, Division got the Black Box but the friction between Nikita and Alex begins and will likely continue. Another good episode.


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