Arrow – The Huntress Returns review

We’re back from another hiatus with an episode that features the return of Huntress Helena Bertinelli. When we last saw, she and Oliver were on opposite sides over the fact that Oliver stopped her from killing her father, Frank Bertinelli. She returns to try to find him and doesn’t care who she kills to get to him. The Huntress was better in this episode than her last two appearances. Seeing Helena in Oliver’s house meeting Oliver’s family was the reverse in Muse of Fire and Vendetta, where Oliver met her father. Oliver knew that Helena would threaten his family to get what she wants and would destroy his current relationship with Detective McKenna. Even though Diggle and Felicity didn’t appear much, Diggle can see right through Oliver’s lies that he’s conflicted between his current and former loves. She did got through to McKenna that cause the police woman to relocate to Coast City. At least, McKenna wasn’t killed.

Another storyline going around was seeing Thea getting Roy a job at Oliver’s club even though it may not stop Roy from committing more crimes. I believe they represent the younger teenage audience for the show. There is an attraction between the two that’s becoming a hit with the audience. The Lance family drama continues when Dinah Laurel has her dad meeting her mother, Dinah Drake, for the first time since Sarah was believed to be dead. We see how Detective Lance’s reaction and how he was able to listen to Dinah Drake about the possibility of Sarah being alive.

The aftermath of last episode concerning Tommy’s reaction to learning Oliver’s secret has placed them in cold distances. He realizes that Oliver has changed from his ordeal from the island and their friendship is still being tested, even though Tommy is coming to grips in accepting it. I wonder if Tommy’s father, Malcolm, also knows Oliver’s secret during the last episode. The flashbacks between Oliver and Slade at the island are awesome as usual and congrats to Manu Bennett for being promoted to series regular for the 2nd season. This may mean the 3 people from the first season may be killed. Good episode to return with. If this is going to be Huntress’ final appearance for this season, then I can watch Muse of Fire, Vendetta, and Huntress Returns as an Arrow/ Huntress movie.


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