Nikita–Inevitability review

The seeds of friction between Nikita and Alex that were planted in last episode that saw the demise of Ari are now happening in this episode where Nikita thinks that Division should assassinate the President from France and Alex refuses to be a part of it. While Nikita is in France where she encounters another rogue agent hired by Amanda, Alex feels that Nikita is no different from Percy in terms of secrets and lies. She gets Birkhoff to go with her on a separate mission to investigate what Commander Danforth was planning to do. They discover that there is a secret warehouse that duplicate Division’s headquarters and their soldiers are trained to kill all members of Division. Alex wants to kill Danforth, but Nikita gets Alex to go with her to deal with the rogue agent. Afterwards, Nikita confronts Danforth about what Alex and Birkhoff discovered. Because of that confrontation, Danforth gets the President to reconsider about Division. It was a good thing that Nikita confronted Danforth or else Alex would have killed him. The friction continued as Nikita discovered that Amanda has driven a wedge between her and Alex. A good episode here.


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