Arrow – Unfinished Business review

This episode sees the return of Count Vertigo and focuses on Tommy Merlyn and Detective Lance. It’s also written by comics and Smallville writer, Bryan Q. Miller. The death of a club girl by a new, improved Vertigo drug set everything off mainly for Oliver, Tommy, and Detective Lance. Oliver wants to go after Count Vertigo and realizes later that he went about it the wrong way as he didn’t kill the Count in the end. Diggle and Felicity’s influence is showing. I thought Detective Lance would learn Oliver’s secret by going through the secret areas of the club where Oliver operates as Green Arrow. The plot twist involving the doctor was a good one here. If Detective Lance did anything, it was to drive a wedge between Oliver and Tommy over their secrets and not over Dinah Laurel. I’m glad they didn’t go through the Smallville route where Clark and Lex became enemies over Lana. In the end, Tommy quit the nightclub and wants to work for his father thus setting off the dark path.

Meanwhile, Diggle secretly looks into Deadshot behind Oliver’s back and Oliver wasn’t too happy about it. Oliver’s motive for revenge when he first came back is reflecting on Diggle. It also shows that Diggle has a life of his own and doesn’t revolve around being Oliver’s assistant. They are setting up for the next episode here.

The island flashbacks have become more interesting with the triangle of Oliver, Shado, and Slade, who are the island equivalent of Oliver, Dinah, and Tommy. We see Shado teaching Oliver to hit the water with his palm and the art of archery that will carry through to the man he is – Green Arrow. I see romantic tension between Oliver and Shado and I wonder if Oliver and Slade will become enemies over Shado. I’m hoping that Yao Fei, Slade, and Shado will be used in the present day as these island flashbacks must pay off. As much as they’re developing Oliver in the flashbacks, they need to develop him in the present as well as I was increasingly concerned that he hasn’t moved forward much.

After last week, no Thea, Moira, and Roy in this one. Much better episode than last week’s.


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