Nikita – Tipping Point review

The hook of this episode is that Michael may regain his hand through surgery by the evil doctor if he and Nikita do something for him. Michael is all for it, but Nikita isn’t sure. I hope he got his hand back. However, this isn’t the real main story. The main story here is really Alex’s dark descent by Amanda’s machinations ever since she was captured by her. It’s clear that Amanda has done something to Alex that causes Alex to rebel against Nikita and Division in the last few episodes. Tipping Point refers to an uprising in Division that Ryan was investigating and later on he found out who the leader is – none other than Alex herself as Alex shoots him and became emotionless when Nikita and Michael heard what happened, but only that Alex got away with what she did that will catch up with her in the next couple of episodes. They weren’t lying when they said that Alex will go dark and I have a feeling she will not be the only one. I also feel this season will likely lead to Nikita Vs. Alex in the finale. Good episode here.


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